SWDHC: EPIC Hearing Healthcare National Provider

SWDHC: EPIC Hearing Healthcare National Provider

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Hearing is an important part of our everyday lives – keeping us informed, safe and connected. In today’s fast-paced and technology-enabled world, we rely on our hearing to operate at quicker speeds and for longer periods of time than ever before. At the same time, noisy environments and unhealthy lifestyle habits are placing people at greater risk for hearing loss.

EPIC Hearing Healthcare (EPIC) recognizes that hearing loss can be very costly to individuals, businesses and society as a whole in the form of diminished job performance, isolation from relationships and an increase in overall health issues, such as anxiety and depression. While the majority of those with hearing loss are still in the workforce,1 people tend to associate this condition with “old age.” As a result, they often put off needed hearing loss evaluation and treatment. Many also make poor lifestyle and health choices that further increase their risk for hearing damage.

EPIC founded the Listen Hear! public education initiative to change this paradigm and increase the urgency placed on education and treatment to promote healthy hearing. Through this program, EPIC undertook the largest employee and employer survey of its kind to uncover awareness and attitudes related to hearing loss at work. Conducted in December 2013, the online survey documented the attitudes and awareness of more than 1,500 employees and 500 employers on hearing loss and its financial, productivity and interpersonal consequences.2 This report summarizes findings from the survey and centralizes relevant, secondary research to make the case for greater employer focus on addressing the growing hearing health crisis.

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