Hospital Advocacy Is Your Alternative Insurance Rescue

Hospital Advocacy Is Your Alternative Insurance Rescue

With healthcare insurance cost at an all time high and hospital care even higher, we all need an alternative to help pay unexpected hospital bills.

Below is a real story that has become more common in today’s world.

Taken from Time Magazine.

“You Only Think You’re Covered”

There were so  many sad stories of people needing to go to the hospital. They met their deductible and selected an  in-network hospital AND  they were STILL stuck with hospital bills.

One poor lady found out she needed to have two surgeries , one on each thumb for arthritis.  She chose a hospital that was in-network and had met her deductible of $3,500.00 She didn’t expect to  have to pay more.   Months later, she was whacked with a $6,300 out of network bill, that she discovered that the anesthesiologist on duty the day of her procedure was an out of network and that the bioengineered implant that her doctor  had used in the procedure was not covered by her insurance.

Unfortunately by the time that bill arrived, she has already had the same procedure performed on her other thumb, using the same surgeon, anesthesiologist and implant.  She’s now bracing for another $6,300 hit.  If you include her $568 monthly premium, her in-network deductible, plus the $12,600 in surprise bills, she is expected to pay $22,916 for her health care last year alone.  That’s close to half her after -tax-take-home pay.

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